1.i.a. — Slag Manifesto

1.i.a. is a sound installation made in a collaboration with Joey Cannazario for the group show “Slag Manifesto” (CalArts, May 4th, 2013)

The Slag Manifesto is interested in how language and communication breakdown, and what languages and communications result between compromised communicae and complete destruction.

The piece is a proclamation of the manifesto and a realization of it.

Participants would be asked to select a manifesto (there were 30 in all, packaged into little books) read the contents aloud, and immediately destroy it.   The mic they read into would create feedback which would at times drown them out and distort their message.  The result compounds encounter with expression and collapses expression and secrecy.  Each participant proclaims the message as they encounter it and retains the secret of its content afterwards.


These videos can also be found in the Slag Manifesto folder in portfolio.