Obstacle, Car

“Obstacle: Car” was an Interdisciplinary group show I curated and showed in the CalArts parking lot April 23rd, 2013. Artists K. Bradford, Danielle Bustillo, Christopher Cole, Vidisha Fadescha, Peter Nichols, and Dee Windsome created installation pieces inside, on top of, and around their own cars.

Conceit:  The cars were lined up next to each other, with a single door open on each car, creating a kind of “tunnel” from on car interior to the next (see figure 1a).  Audience members climbed through the cars one after the other, experiencing each installation.

obstacle,_car_color_carsfigure 1a

Descriptions by the artists and media collected will follow once recovered.

oc_pic2 oc_pic3 oc_pic1 oc_wash1 oc_wash